"Pokésports, A Competitive Pokémon Podcast" began as the full title would suggest; a podcast. Every week, Michael “StillJustMike” Busse and Kevin “xRazeOvation” Sidonio would sit down to talk seriously about Pokémon. They cover Smogon, VGC, Pokémon Unite, and anything else happening in the world of competitive Pokémon battling. The podcast continues to this day (You can find it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, or wherever you get your podcasts), however it has evolved into so much more than that.

Pokésports is now a community of people who look to get better at the game in a safe, fun, and constructive environment. Members of the Discord find new teams, new challenges, and new friends all the time! Members of the Patreon find competition, bonus content, and appreciation. It’s a fun time.